What’s going on with the TikTok ban

Mar 08, 2023

💰 TikTok’s back under fire in Congress.

Last week, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to give President Biden the power to ban TikTok. If he does, this would be the most far-reaching U.S. restriction put on any social media app.

The American Civil Liberties Union is calling it a violation of First Amendment rights, and there’s a lot of people (and representatives) who fall somewhere in between.

So does this mean that I should go ahead and delete my account? Not unless you want to. As with all bills and controversies, there’s usually always more to the story (like boosting re-election campaigns). TikTok bans have been discussed since 2020, and would set a slippery slope precedent.

Okay, but really, what if it actually happens? Regardless of whether or not TikTok is ‘banned’, here’s what you need to know: TikTok has forever changed how we consume content. So whether it’s on TikTok, or other platforms you should be making short-form videos in the way that users want to watch them. TikTok-forward content works on all platforms.

And we have a sneaking suspicion that if a ban were to be approved by Biden, an American entity would swoop in to save the day.


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With no music, no gimmicks, and no special edits, this smartphone-explainer video has garnered over 11 million views in 6 days. Why?

For starters, the creator has utilized all the tools in his possession to help keep you hooked. The thumbnail reads, “Cheapest Smartphone,” prompting the viewer to ask, “What is the cheapest Smartphone?” and, “How much IS the cheapest Smartphone?”

He shows us methodologically each piece of the phone, while we’re waiting for a big reveal of the phone turning on.

Smartly, the phone doesn’t turn on, meaning we now have to watch a second video of the user experience once the phone is on.

The question to ask yourself: Whether you’re showcasing a new tech product, recipe, or house just listed on the market, how can you set up your video to drive as much curiosity as possible in the title? The sooner you can drive the curiosity, the better chance you have of your viewer not scrolling away.


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