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Hilary Billings is one of the world’s leading experts on the Psychology of Attention. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Attentioneers - an award-winning agency that helps entrepreneurs and personal brands drive reach and revenue through short-form video strategy.

Having grown her own following from 0-400k followers in 40 days and garnered over 1 billion organic views in under 12 months, Hilary understands the science of capturing and keeping attention online. She’s worked with a gamut of high-performing entrepreneurs, including billionaires, Victoria’s Secret models, and New York Times best-selling authors, and collaborates directly with TikTok as a member of their Advisory Board.

As a speaker and emcee, Hilary has commanded stages across the U.S. alongside icons including William Shatner and Bon Jovi. She helps attendees cut through the noise and earn attention through compelling content.

A former Miss Nevada, journalist, and on-camera host, Hilary has also worked with traditional media outlets including E!, Extra!, and USA Today. Considered an authority on personal branding and short-form video strategy, her insights have been featured in Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Forbes.

Hilary only accepts 45 speaking invitations per year.
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Popular Speaking Programs

Topic #1

Leveraging Short-Form Content for Long-Term Success

What if you didn’t have to ‘sell’ in your business ever again?

What if- instead of focusing on sales funnels, prospecting, hunting down leads, sending mass emails, and trying to convince customers to buy- your inbox was always full of inbounds from qualified leads? 

This is the power of creating a reputation in your space and becoming known by a wide audience online. There has never been a better time or faster modality to build your reputation than through short-form content. 

In this empowering and actionable talk, Hilary has compiled and condensed her years of knowledge and experience helping clients create compelling content.

She’ll walk your audience through how to simply and strategically think about short-form video strategy to generate the leads and superfans they want.

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In this memorable presentation, audience members will leave knowing:

  • The power of short-form content for their business
  • How to encourage customers to RAVE about your content
  • How to make content that their target audience is searching for
  • How to create content that feels authentic to their brand
  • How to help their customers close the gap to work with them
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Topic #2

The Psychology of Attention

The simple science to gain and keep your customer’s attention on-and-offline

We live in an economy of attention, with the average consumer seeing upwards of 10,000 ads a day. We are constantly bombarded by thousands of voices and worse, studies show that our attention spans are shrinking. Standing out in a sea of billions of posts has never been more difficult. 

Businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs are constantly fretting over which platforms to prioritize, where to spend ad dollars, and how to get their customers to buy. It can feel hopeless, like you’re screaming into a wind that never stops. Meanwhile, your perfect client is still out there, looking for a solution. Looking for you. 

This program is a deep dive into the psychology of attention. From pattern interrupts to the science of curiosity, we will explore the science of what stops the scroll and keeps people engaged. Based on research from the world’s leading psychologists and the practical experience of view-count billionaires, your audience will get insider knowledge on how to deliver your message so that it reaches millions.

This session will help reduce the stress of the social media grind, helping you and your company focus on what really matters- getting your customer’s attention and keeping it.

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Through this presentation your audience will learn

  • When people give attention.
  • How to earn the attention of your target audience.
  • How to stand out in a saturated market without gimmicks.
  • What the SCIENCE is behind getting attention.
  • How to replicate the attention-getting science, regardless of the medium.
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Topic #3

Short Form Video Secrets from a View-Count Billionaire

7 Simple Steps to Creating Successful Content (No dancing required)

Everyday, over 20 million new videos are posted online. A recent study by Adobe found that 80% of the time that users are on their phones, they are watching short-form videos.

We are facing a never-ending battle against the sheer saturation of content. We are constantly fighting for the attention of our customers.

And even if you manage to overcome the odds and have your content seen by your target audience, you then have to face the biggest challenge of all: apathy.

For personal brands, entrepreneurs and businesses, the biggest enemy to your bottom line is not lack of awareness; it’s your customers knowing who you are and not caring. You have to earn their attention.

In this talk, view-count billionaire and certified personal brand strategist, Hilary Billings, shares key insights while erasing common misconceptions about how to overcome apathy, generate curiosity, stop the scroll, and create viral-worthy content that your audience wants to watch and share. Your audience will walk away with actionable steps and help build their brand affinity and cultural relevance authentically.

Leaving this presentation your audience will know

  • The biggest mistake users make and how to avoid it. 
  • The simple equation that makes top brand profiles so successful.
  • How to make content that’s authentic to them that doesn’t involve dancing.
  • The top indicator of whether content will do well and how to manipulate it.
  • The 3 key pieces to an attention-worthy video.

This program can be personalized for audiences of entrepreneurs, business owners or sales people to create more impactful and attention-grabbing content.

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5 Reasons You Should Book Hilary as Your Next Speaker


Hilary doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She’ll share her real-life examples of garnering 400,000 followers in 40 days, generating a billion views, 240x-ing her client’s results, and converting reach into revenue.


Hilary provides data-driven, innovative approaches for your audience to immediately apply to their businesses. She will share forward-thinking ideas and expertise to challenge the status quo.


Your audience will be moved and motivated. Hilary discusses concepts and principles that are truly useful, wrapped in an entertaining package. Her message will inspire conversations and change that will far exceed her time at your event.

Applicable + Actionable

Your audience will not only leave with clarity, but with actionable steps to take immediately to improve their business.


Your audience will feel connected to the content. Hilary is seasoned in the art of personalization and creating relatability. She will spend time learning your organization beforehand and distill her content down to only what’s most important for your attendees.

Hilary has delivered presentations to


Her presentation did not disappoint! The content was data-driven, engaging, and relevant to our audience. I look forward to having her come back.

Lisa Davis

Executive Director of LEE Business School, UNLV

She had my undivided attention for 60 straight minutes. That’s saying something! Loved her talk.

Keli Carr

Branch Manager for Absolute Mortgage

Discovering Hilary could fly would only come as a minor revelation.

Brian Mansfield

USA Today

Hilary takes the time to learn about your organization’s mission, and has a passion for getting the crowd excited!

Tanya Willis

Executive Director of Agape Animal Rescue

Not only did her enthusiasm, professionalism, and humor capture us, but also the thousands of passengers who sail Norwegian.

Marco Fantasia

Senior Director for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings 

Hilary’s a delight to work with and presented invaluable information. We’ve received great feedback on her sessions!

Teri Bergthold

Events Manager at American Pacific Mortgage

Hilary only accepts 45 speaking invitations per year.

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