Viewers Can Now Refresh Their For You Feeds

Apr 04, 2023

Viewers Can Now Refresh Their For You Feeds

Ever feel like your For You Page is serving you content that you’re no longer interested in, or don’t enjoy? Now users can hit ‘reset’ on their algorithm.

When utilized, it allows users to experience their For You Page like they did when they first joined TikTok- giving you a tabula rasa of content.

You also now have content controls to filter out certain words or types of content- making the experience even more customized.

Happy scrolling!


🎥 What's Trending

This educational, no-gimmicks video has grossed over 9 million views in 5 days. Here’s why:

This video starts by leaning into its ease of searchability by going with a straight forward title, “How to make Sparklines in Excel.” We immediately know what we’re getting.

The creator then manually draws in a chart into a cell, which sparks a lot of debate over who is actually doing that technique in their spreadsheets. But it provides a visual and compelling opening to keep people watching.

For added entertainment, the creator uses the company and characters from The Office in the example, giving fans lots to talk about in the comments.

Your takeaway: What’s something that you know that others don’t that you can visually demonstrate in under a minute? How can you tie in pop-culture to your example to help it hit home?



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