TikTok’s providing creators a new monetization program.

Feb 28, 2023

💰 TikTok’s Encouraging Creativity with Cash

TikTok unveiled a new way for creators to earn money called the Creativity Beta Program.

The Creativity Beta Program will be set up very similarly to monetized content on Facebook -- you’ll get a dashboard to show you estimated earnings broken down by video. However, videos must be longer than 1 minute. You also must follow their specific Creativity Program community guidelines in order to earn (ie. must be original content, not violate any IP copyright or community standards, etc.). But this is an encouraging step towards TikTok trying to find more ways to help creators earn money.

While this is currently invite-only and only available in 3 countries (including the US), this program will soon be available to all eligible US creators.


🎥 What's Trending

This straight-to-camera, no gimmicks, no trends, no music video has over 30 million views in just a week. Why?

This ER doctor hooks us right off the bat with the title, “Interesting case that could save your life.” The doctor then proceeds to tell us a story about a patient who came in with undiagnose-able (technical term) symptoms. The answer was not only wild, but scary (makes you want to watch it even more, huh?)

Your takeaway: While not every service-based creator has a story that can save someone’s life like this doctor, you can utilize the psychology of attention to set up a story, without needing any gimmicks, to add massive value to your audience’s life. This video is proof that you don’t need to stay on top of trends or dance to make a massive impact.

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