TikTok Gives Business New Sound Capabilities

Apr 11, 2023

Businesses Can Now Create Their Own Music Mashups in TikTok

With over 44% of users saying that they’ve immediately gone out to purchase a product after seeing it on TikTok, business owners rely heavily on great creative to connect with their consumers.

To help business owners make better videos, TikTok’s launched Sounds for Business, which contains a lengthy library of pre-cleared music so businesses don’t have to wait or worry about copyright infringement.

The templates and sounds provided make it easy for businesses to mix and match different audio, sound cues, and voice over.

What this means for you: As a monetized creator or business owner, you have to be cautious of what music and sounds you use- especially if you’re going to be putting any ad spend behind the content. Sounds for Business makes this process easier and more customizable for entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or funds to negotiate for rights to music.


🎥 What's Trending

This tutorial on how to handle a job offer when you’re still waiting to hear back from another company is teetering near 9 million views in just 6 days. Here’s what this edutainment style video did so well (and no- it doesn’t involve a trending sound).

The creator starts the video by capturing us with a clear and simple hook, “Here’s how to handle a job offer while you’re still waiting to hear back from another company.” This makes it super easy not only for viewers to know if they want to watch this video, but also for the algorithm to know who to serve it to.

She then does an entertaining but value-packed skit where she closes the gap on that question, and then opens another one on how to negotiate for a higher salary, making it an incredibly powerful 1-minute of entertainment. Most importantly- it didn’t take a trending sound or gimmick to make this video go viral.

Your takeaway: Because it’s so specific and so value-packed, viewers easily know whether or not this applies to them, or if it applies to someone they know and then can share it. What simple and clear question can you answer in under 1 minute?

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