This new feature will change how we watch TikToks

Apr 25, 2023

The Subtle Feature That’s a Bold Choice

Game changer or deal breaker for creators? TikTok’s rolled out a subtle new feature allowing users to flip on a setting to always open the app with muted sound. For a sound-forward platform (and proud of it), this is a plot twist.

We know that on pretty much every other platform, most viewers watch with the sound off. But TikTok has always touted that they were going to stay sound-first, since you can’t watch TikToks and other things at the same time (too much to focus on with the addition of sound).

And while this may feel bold for the platform, it will make sitting in airports, on buses, and any other form of public transportation a lot more bearable.

So what does this mean for me? Keep making great content, but now assume that viewers are not going to watch with sound (70% of users don’t watch with sound on other platforms anyway). Visuals and captions are going to become even more important to your success. And if you’re struggling with this, come to our next bootcamp.


🎥 What's Trending

This video from the Louisiana Crawfish Company has us asking, What in the crawfish is this?!?

With almost 6 million views in a week, people are raving about this crawfish migration. Here’s why:

The video starts with an eye-catching visual of thousands of crawfish walking around on land (we love an unexpected visual), followed by an interesting explanation for this phenomenon. He uses animated, colorful captions to tell the story. And a subtle pitch if someone is wanting to know where they can get their own supply of fresh crawfish delivered to their door (turns out it’s a thing).

Your takeaway: Start with the most compelling visual you have. Captions can enhance your video and gain a longer watch time, especially if they’re colorful.

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