Is TikTok becoming Instagram?

May 03, 2023

Is TikTok trying to be more like Instagram?

TikTok’s unveiling photo mode, a carousel-style format made for sharing multiple still images in a single post. If this feels familiar, it’s because it is.

This new announcement makes it feel like TikTok is trying to be more like IG, which is confusing, because it gets to be TikTok. But everyone has insecurities.

Early Alpha results for the carousel feature are showing a lot of progress. And while that’s cool news, we know that 80% of the time people are on their phones, they’re watching short form videos. So, we think this will go away much like the photo gallery feature did last year.

Should I be using this feature on TikTok? It never hurts to do some testing. But when it comes to TikTok we say stick to short-form videos to get the most impact. People come to TikTok for the videos and overall great content. Use that knowledge to your benefit.


🎥 What's Trending

With over 17 million views, this transformation video shows how you can tell a powerful story in just 30 seconds. Utilizing a popular viral song, they set up in the first 3 seconds what you’re watching (a house renovation) and where it’s going (what are the results). Then, BAM! Plot twist (here comes baby). Now we’re even more invested in the outcome (will they finish it in time?)

We love that this video keeps you hanging on to see the final results. The progress throughout is captivating.

Your takeaway: How can you find a new way to tell your story in your business? Can you walk your viewers through the dental cleaning process from start to finish? Could you do a virtual walkthrough or a day in the life? And what plot twists help to humanize this process?

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