Are TikTok views dropping?? And… how one angry video topped the charts!

Jun 06, 2023

Large and in charge is now reversing?

Are we seeing a decline in TikTok viewership or are we seeing an increase in smaller accounts taking those viewers?!

A Trendpop study shows that videos with 10 million or more views peaked in February 2022 at 9,259 created per week, but that’s now dropped to less than 4,600 videos per week in April 2023. In short, just over a year ago, there were more than double the number of viral videos.

We have said this before, but it’s worth saying again… your followers or likes do not always influence if a video is going to take off. You may also have a video take off, but not see a growth in followers and likes. Why? People are gravitating toward the content they love, and not necessarily the creators. Focus on curating your videos and niching down your content to attract an audience.

(Shouting this from the rooftops here) Craft high-quality content vs 100’s of videos, hoping one will take off. This is a quality game, not quantity. Video views are dropping because people are using the search method to find what they want vs. letting the feed choose.


🎥 What's Trending

With 45 million views, this video shows how one review can increase sales in just 33 seconds. I never thought anger could sell a product! Talk about a unique and different way to capture attention.

Anger is one of the emotions we talk about in the bootcamp, and this is a great way to showcase a product in a very wacky way. Why would you buy a product to see if you could break it? It leaves the gap open with us wondering if he will be successful in breaking the mousepad.

Your takeaway: Think of a different, unique, or out of the box way to feature your product, service, or skill set. For example: What NOT to do, AVOID these things, or use the product in the WRONG way.

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